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Maine wedding: Part 1

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Thursday, September 12th, Noah, Danielle, Ezra and I drove up to Sidney, Maine for our friends’ wedding!  Ryan and Kate both went to Oberlin College with Noah, Ezra and me.

Ryan, Ezra and Noah, upon our arrival :)

IMG_3497That evening there was a small get together at Kate’s parents’ house.  They live just a short drive away from the music camp that we were staying at (NEMC: New England Music Camp).

Kate’s dad making a speech…
IMG_3511They live right on a lake, so the four of us went down to take some photos before dinner
IMG_3503 IMG_3500 IMG_3504Friday afternoon was the rehearsal dinner.  Ezra was the best man, so I tagged along to take some pictures of the bride and groom.  Kate’s mom officiated the wedding!IMG_3541 IMG_3549The rehearsal dinner was held at the camp, and included lobster!!!  We ate SO much lobster on the trip, it was ridiculous…IMG_3571Kate and Ryan!IMG_3574The four of us and the bride and groom!IMG_3634Then we had to get one photo of all the Obies that came to the wedding.  Including Ezra’s dad!!IMG_3642

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One thought on “Maine wedding: Part 1

  1. Rita and Jerome totally make that picture! :D I randomly ran into Kate & Ryan in Oberlin in August — fun to read about their wedding on here. I’m glad to see you back in the blogosphere!

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